Our PSA Fund Affiliate Program is designed to allow you to help spread awareness about student loan debt and 529 plans, while also paying down your personal student loan debt or saving for college with your own 529 plan!

The Affiliate Program will be live in Summer 2019, but we are taking 25 early applicants now to our Beta test group!  Submit your information below to apply for a spot in our Beta test group and become a PSA Fund affiliate.  

Want to save for college but down have a 529 account?  No problem!  We'll help you open your own 529 tuition savings account, contribute funds to your existing account, or help you pay down your existing student debt. 

And this isn't like an average affiliate program, we want to make a meaningful impact on your future, or your existing debt.  With that in mind, 20% of all sales made by you will be deposited directly to your 529 account or student loan balance!  

When deposits are made into your 529 plan, you can watch it grow over time and earn tax-free interest you can use to pay for school, room, board, and supplies.  Our partners at collegebacker.com make it easier than ever to manage your college savings.

Income made from the PSA Fund Affiliate Program is taxable!  Consult your tax professional to discuss how this income will effect your tax returns.

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