PSA Fund is a store and community resource.  We started PSA Fund to do 3 things:

1.  Spread Awareness - about student debt.  College costs a lot of money and most kids don't know that.  Students borrow money to pay for college and end up with thousands of dollars in student loan debt that can take years to pay off.  There is over $1.9 TRILLION(!!!) in student loan debt in the USA.  On average, a person with student loan debt will have to repay $25k and it will take 10 years.  Boooooooo!  We're encouraging our community to learn about this early and start saving so we can avoid the burden of student debt.

2.  Education - on what you can do about it.  There is a financial tool called a 529 Plan.  529 Plans allow you to save money, earn interest, and not have to pay any taxes on the interest as long as you eventually spend it on education related expenses.  It's a way to get "free" money, instead of giving it away in interest afterward.  Talk to a financial professional about the details.  We are not financial professionals, we just know about 529's, believe they are a good thing, and we are saving for college with one.

3.  Enable - We built our brand, products and store so we could learn some useful skills, save money for college and help you do the same.  If you are interested in selling our products, we'll carve out 25% of revenue from each sale you help make and deposit it directly into your 529 plan or current student debt account.